Christmas Gift Guide Dogs

Christmas Gift Guide for Dog

Christmas Snowflake

It is getting colder and colder, this means the cosiest season of the year started. Hello December! A month that reminds us of Christmas trees, candles and searching perfect gifts for our beloved ones. Watching a Christmas movie under a warm and soft blanket on the couch with your dog snuggled up close to you.

Dogs are important parts of our family. They bring so much love, joy and happiness. So when you are searching for the perfect Christmas presents, don’t forget to look for a present for your dog.

Christmas gift suggestion #1

Mystery bandanas! This is not just a present for your dog, but for you as well. We will choose and pack 2 bandanas that’ll fit the gender of your dog, which bandanas you receive will be a surprise. So even though you choose your dogs’ present yourself, it’ll be a surprise until Christmas

Christmas gift suggestion #2

Winter bandana! This Christmas coloured bandana suits the colder days. And to be honest, we haven’t found a dog yet that doesn’t look good in this bandana. Green suits all sorts of fluff 🐾

Christmas gift suggestion #3

Classic red bandana! Fun for Christmas, perfect for the rest of the year. This timeless red bandana looks good on every dog and will never go out of fashion!

Donate dog gifts

Family dogs often live a spoiled life. They get love, food, treats, toys and sleep in a cozy bed. Don't forget their daily walks to the park, forest or the beach. Unfortunately, not every dog is this lucky. Some dogs live on the streets or are locked up in a shelter. Consider donating preloved items to these dogs. An old leash, collar or box filled with toys could be very useful for a shelter. This is an easy way to help dogs that live a less fortunate life, without spending a dime.

Bandoga Dog Gift

All orders placed on our website will be gift wrapped and shipped within 24 hours. Make sure to order in time for Christmas, as postal services can have delays this time a year.

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