Size Guide

size guide bandoga

Measurement instruction

Loosely measure the neck of your dog. When you decide which size would fit your dog, take 20-30 centimeters into account to tie a knot.

Some dogs fit two sizes, which size you decide is up to you. Do you have a dog with lots of fluff? Take the biggest size. Do you have a pup that'll grow bigger? Take the biggest size. Is your dog new to dog-wear and bandanas? Depending on the personality of your dog (does he mind collars? does he chew on socks or blankets?) we would suggest to take the smallest size - so he won't be bothered by his or her new cool bandana!
We suggest a fold and tie technique. Fold the top 3-5 cm before you apply the bandana. If you size up - for example because you have a young pupper that'll grow bigger - you can fold the bandana twice.