Summer Season Dog Bandanas

Summers are filled with joy, happiness, sunshine and overall good times. It is the best season to take your dog for a mountain adventure or a lazy beach day. We selected our favourite dog bandana patterns that perfectly match the summer season. 

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How to prepare for a puppy?

Everything you need to think before the arrival of your new family member. A puppy is exciting for every family. You have to think about many things and the preparation is not easy, this starts even before you decide to get a puppy.

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What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is known as a sustainable product. But is it as sustainable as we all think? In our search for the right material for our bandanas, we asked ourselves this question. What is cotton and organic cotton? Cotton is the raw material for almost 40 percent of all textiles. Cotton fibers come from the seeds of the cotton plant. Unfortunately, the cotton production process is not always clean. Despite its widespread use, it is not an easy plant at all. The cotton plant is very susceptible to diseases and parasites, more than any other agricultural crop. For this reason, farmers use a lot of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, the cotton plant also needs a lot of water. An...

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