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Summer Season Dog Bandanas

Flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer. Bring your snowboots back to the attic because the summer season is starting. This is the perfect moment to get your dog ready for the summer!
Summers are filled with joy, happiness, sunshine and overall good times. It is the best season to take your dog for a mountain adventure or a lazy beach day. We selected our favourite dog bandana patterns that perfectly match the summer season. 

#1 Summer Flowers Dog Bandana

Surprise surprise, a bandana that has the word 'summer' in its name has to be our number one choice right? This yellow dog bandana with Daisies is one of our favourite patterns. It suits a sunny and bright day perfectly. It goes well with all different kinds of fur. We thought golden retrievers might be a no go, but experience learned that our summer flowers dog bandana blends beautifully with a golden coat.

#2 Turquoise Tiger Dog Bandana

Even though this turquoise bandana is a dog bandana your dog can wear all year long, we love it the most during the summer season. Turquoise blue is a beautiful bright colour that reminds us of blue skies and tropical oceans. We love how it matches blue eyed dogs, but to be honest, dogs with every eye colour will rock this pattern. The cheeky tigers on this tiger dog bandana give it a modern look to make your dog stand out!

#3 Pastel Dog Bandana

Pastel colours are best when the weather is soft. This pastel dog bandana has two different sides. One side is pastel orange, the other side is pastel green. Your dog can wear this bandana on both sides. Even though we think this pattern looks great on all dogs, we personally love it the most on dark coated dogs.
There are more dog bandanas in our summer collection, visit out shop and select your personal favourite here. If you want to buy an organic cotton dog bandana for the best price, don't forget to check out our selection of gift boxes to get the best bang for your buck!

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