Dog Bandanas

All dog bandanas are made from GOTS certified cotton and designed by Bandoga. Our dog bandanas are packed and shipped plastic-free. The unique prints are designed for all different kind of dog breeds and sizes.

We add new bandana prints to our webshop every few months, keeping the change of seasons in mind, together with some all time classic prints.

We love to design prints for special occasions such as Valentine, Christmas, Easter or Halloween, but these Holidays are just a few days per year. We believe bandanas should be wearable at least an entire season, instead of just these special occasions. For that reason we don't select a print with a Christmas tree, but a snowflake. We don't select easter eggs, but pastel Easter colours. We don't want our bandanas to end up in a box in the attic, we want your dogs to wear our bandanas even when a holiday ended!