Get started with your dogs Christmas list

Get started with your dogs Christmas list

The days are getting shorter and autumn is settling in. It was one of the rainiest July’s ever. August wasn’t that much better either. Now in September, the rain will continue.

We love sunny days, but we also love to snuggle up with our dog friends and to get cozy. We even started to think about buying Christmas presents for dogs.

This Northern Europe climate just asks for fluffy dog beds, chewy dog toys in front of the fireplace and weatherproof dog leashes all year long.


How to select the best Christmas gifts for dogs?

So, the question rises. How to select the best Christmas gifts for dogs? We make a wish list with our favorite Christmas gifts for dogs in August. That doesn’t mean we buy our Christmas gifts in August, but we do start to orientate early.

We make a list with everything we love. We check this list in September, October and November. Do we still love the Christmas dog gifts on the list or not?

During this time shops start to advertise for Christmas so the list will get longer. On the other hand, some products might be an impulsive addition so we remove them.

A few weeks before Christmas we check our final list and buy the products we still love.

The best Christmas gifts for dogs

We just finished our list for this year. This list might change a little in the upcoming months, but we would like to share our first Christmas gift selection for dogs with you. 

Classic Red Dog Bandana


Dogs are dogs. Even though we love to see a dog in a cute Christmas sweater, we rather keep it simple. This red colored dog bandana looks great for the holidays, but not only the holidays. This classic print can be worn all year long.

Rumor goes that this year there will be matching hair ties for humans… Yay!

Snoozle Dog Bed


We love fluffy dog beds. Love them. Last year we selected a cozy cave and even though we still love it, we would love to add a Snoozle dog bed. Dogs naturally like to change where they sleep every now and then. From bed tot bed, corner to corner. So, an extra dog bed is never a bad decision.

Recycled 10 Meter Dog Leash


The leash that every dog owner should have, a nylon 10-meter leash. Even though you might not use it every day, it comes in handy more often than you might think. Rules are getting stricter over the years and dogs should be leashes almost everywhere.

Natural parks and forests have these rules for a reason, to protect its wildlife. Besides this, a long leash protects your dog as well. If every dog is leashed in areas where this is required, no unwanted encounters will happen.

A nylon 10-meter leash is the perfect combination between safety and freedom. And did we mention nylon is lightweight, dries quickly and can be rolled into pocket size? Last but not least, this one is recycled. Yay for reusing materials!

Kivo Petfood Supplements


I bet we’re not the only ones that take extra vitamins and supplements when the days are getting colder. Did you know that supplements are a great addition to a dog’s diet? This mix of salmon oil, sardine oil, olive oil and sheep fat is perfect for the cold winter months.

This supplement contains vitamins A and D, prevents hair loss and boosts the immune system. And the best thing about this Kivo Petfood Supplement is that dogs absolutely love it!

Munchy Snack Box


This box filled with 50 munchy sticks is safe for dogs and 100% natural. The perfect snack for dogs while we enjoy our Christmas dinner. I bet this is the Christmas gift that our dog loves the most.

Hemp Dog Toys


The perfect item to finish this list. A hemp dog toy. Hemp dog toys are safe, strong and clean your dog’s teeth. 

Hemp is not indestructible, but it is stronger than cotton and safer than plastics. If your dog ingests small pieces of hemp, its body will naturally break it down. From plant to product, no chemicals or other harmful products are used.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Our Christmas gift list is ready, for now. We might add more products in the upcoming months. If we change anything, we will keep you up to date.

In the meantime, we will enjoy some extra-long dog walks because in the next few weeks, the temperature will drop and the days will get shorter. Let’s enjoy the summer while it lasts.

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