Washing Instructions

Washing instructions

Washing instructions

We have all been there. You buy something new, but you have no idea how to wash it properly and how to keep it in the best shape possible. Therefore we decided to help you out with this article about washing a Bandoga dog bandana.

All our bandanas are made from 100% cotton. This will remain in good condition if it is washed at a low temperature. This prevents cotton from shrinking. Cotton can be washed in the washing machine or by hand.

Help! My bandana is dirty

Dogs are dogs. Many dogs love to swim, to dig, to roll in the mud or even in poop. When you come back from your walk with a dirty dog bandana, don't throw it in the laundry bin right away. Rinse the bandana with lukewarm or cold water and let it dry in indirect sunlight. This only takes a few minutes and often this is enough. If the bandana is still dirty, it could use a proper wash. We have a few tips for you to keep the bandana in good shape.

Tips: washing machine

  • Wash the bandana at 30 degrees
  • Choose a mild detergent
  • Set the washing machine to delicates
  • Let the bandana dry in indirect sunlight

Tips: washing by hand

  • Dissolve a mild hand washing detergent in lukewarm water
  • Rinse well with lukewarm or cold water
  • Let the bandana dry in indirect sunlight

Avoid these things to keep your bandana in good shape

  • Do not use hot water to wash your bandana
  • If your bandana is dirty, don't wait with cleaning it but rinse the dirt out right away, the longer you wait, the harder it gets
  • Do not dry the bandana in direct sunlight
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use clothespins
  • Avoid wringing, as this can deform the fabric
Did you know that many detergents are harmful to the environment? Fortunately, there are also sustainable alternatives. Google and a beautiful world with natural solutions will open up for you!
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