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lange lijn 20 meter recycled
lange lijn 20 meter recycled
lange lijn 20 meter recycled
Recycled long nylon dog leashes - Bandoga

Recycled 20 Meter Dog Leash Black

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This dog training leash is 20 meter long, 2 centimeter wide and made of recycled nylon. Durable, sustainable, lightweight and very practical to use. A long dog leash is the ideal combination of freedom and safety. A long line is, among other things, very suitable for:
  • Dog training / training leash
  • Forests/parks/beaches where leashing is required
  • Dogs with a hunting instinct

If the line is dirty, you can simply rinse it. The leash dries quickly. Our recycled long leash has been extensively tested and is available in 5 meter, 10 meter, 15 meter and 20 meter.

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